Thursday, 2 August 2012


One of the most beloved superheroes out there is Superman. He works hard to fight of evil and to make sure everyone is safe. He can change from Clark Kent, the geeky newspaper reporter in to Superman in a flash. His blue outfit with red cape is hard to miss out there.

Many movies and cartoons have made their way to the screens and TV for our viewing pleasure. The series Smallville is based on the life of Superman as well. In addition to Superman cartoons, he was also featured on the Super Heroes Justice League with many others.

Superman started out as a comic book character. Many of the older comic books with him are very valuable. If you had some of them as a child you should be kicking yourself for tossing them out. Yet many things that become collectibles like that no one really knows until a long time down the road. Some people save everything though so you may find now is the time to go hunt down your old Superman comics.

The image of Superman was introduced in 1932, and continues to be one of the most loved and recognized of all superheroes today. Many fathers are just as excited to take their children to see these movies as the children are. It is a great way to reflect on ones own experiences with Superman. There are also plenty of action figures out there that keep children entertained for hours.

There are a few things that Superman has fallen from. His powers don't work when he is exposed to Kryptonite. This is a way that his arch enemy Lex Luther and others have tried to stop him. His love for Lois Lane also involves him in many evil schemes as they know that is a way to reach into the heart of Superman.

It is the weaknesses of Superman that make him very human to us in various ways. It is his strength that keeps us rooting for him even when the odds aren't in his favor. He is a superhero dedicated to protecting people from evil. Regardless of the story line, when something new with Superman as the main character comes out people are sure to take an interest in it.

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